The Many Health Benefits of Spirulina (The Magic Food)

Spirulina has a long history of being used for its many health benefits. In many parts of the world it is considered a food staple. In actuality it is a member of the blue-green algae family. Loaded with antioxidants it is thought to decrease the activity of free radicals. Free radicals damage cells by oxidizing and suppressing immune system functioning. But this powerful plant touts many other health benefits and actually has a fan following on Facebook® being called The Magic Food! It is said to have more protein than beef or soy which makes this Magic Food a perfect addition for a strict vegetarian diet. And, it has all of the essential amino acids in balance meaning that is a complete protein that is 90% digestible.

It doesn’t end there. Spirulina has been called the most complex food on the planet and is reported to have over 100 nutrients. On top of being high in protein it is a source of vitamin B-12, has an abundance of beta-carotene, iron, copper, manganese, selenium, zing, trace minerals, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins. Since it is a plant, Spirulina has a large amount of phytochemicals including phycocyanin, cartonoides, sulfolipids and polysaccharides. It also delivers 10 times the vitamin A and caroetene of carrots.

So it’s easy to see why it’s referred to as the Magic Food. The nutritional content aside, it is reported that Spirulina can lower cholesterol, help fight viral infections, improve blood sugar, purify the liver, improve wound healing and increase mental alertness. It is also reported to have the ability to remove toxic metals like lead and mercury from the bloodstream by cleansing the kidneys and also encourages weight loss.

On top of having numerous health benefits it is also reported that Spirulina has medical benefits as well. Studies show that taking Spirulina can increase production of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the human body and as a result may have benefits to allergy sufferers. And it doesn’t stop there. Additional studies indicate that this Magic Food may actually produce anticancer effects because of the antioxidants and immune boosting properties. It may also help fight tumors by releasing a tumor fighting chemical which attacks and kills tumor cells.

Currently there are studies being done to test what appears to be Spirulina’s ability to block the entrance of viruses into cells. Viruses such as HIV and AIDS were actually damaged by Spirulina. Although additional studies need to be done it certainly appears that it is worth taking a careful look at how Spirulina might benefit you and your health.

Spirulina is most often taken as a dietary supplement in powder or pill form, however you can also make it a seamless part of your diet by eating a great tasting oatmeal with Spirulina. You should always be sure to consult your physician before taking any dietary supplement.